CEH Certification | Certified Ethical Hacker

Students attending official training for C|EH, either through our online division iClass, or in person at an authorize training center will receive the most comprehensive ethical hacking program on the market. The training resources stretch well beyond what you may be used to in a typical bootcamp style course as C|EH not only supports you in the training program but also supports you after training and well into your career as a C|EH. Our new framework in C|EH, Learn, Certify, Engage, Compete provides you with all the courseware, documentation, cheat sheets, and hands-on labs hosted in our Cyber Range to complete the 5 days of training. Students also receive exam vouchers to attempt the certification exam and free retakes in the event you aren’t successful on your first attempt. To help prepare you for the exam, you will also receive exam prep where you can practice in a mock exam environment. Supporting you post certification; we have designed our Engage practice range with a mock organization where you will take place (on your own time and at your own pace) in a complete ethical hacking engagement. Starting with your initial scanning and recon exercise, you will foot print the target network, identify vulnerabilities and follow the entire process learned in C|EH as you assess the target organization, leading all the way up to full exploitation of the targets where you will hack into web servers, IoT devices, as well as IT and OT systems. After you complete your first engagement against the target organization, you will move onto Compete, where you can take part in monthly Global Hacking Competitions available exclusively to Certified Ethical Hackers. With new competition scenarios each month, you will be able to test your skills in malware analysis and ransomware, SCADA, and ICS environments as you hack your way into a Power Grid System or potentially take over a water treatment facility, Hack into Web Applications as we focus on web server vulnerabilities, and much more. To further support your continuous learning and skill development, Students of the Official C|EH training program also receive our curated Ethical Hacking Video Libraries through CodeRed where you will have access to focused titles, 2 to 4 hour courses delivered online in topics like Python for Pen testers, Opensource intelligence, Wireshark for Ethical Hackers, Ethical Hacking with Nmap, Windows Penetration Testing Essentials, Next Gen Firewalls, Applied Secure Smart City, Burp Suite: Web App Pen Testing, and more. The C|EH training program was designed to support you as you learn the ethical hacking practice, provide you with hands-on labs and challenges, expose you to your first ethical hacking engagement, hone your skills through competition, and support your continuous learning with specially curated titles directly related to the ethical hacking space.


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