Hub APTA and BancoEstado seal an alliance to promote innovation, entrepreneurship and technology transfer


This is a machine translation of the original press release issued in Spanish.

With the purpose of jointly promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and technology transfer in the national ecosystem, Hub APTA and BancoEstado signed a strategic alliance that will contribute to the development of capabilities in Startup initiatives, as well as actions to link to the ecosystem and large companies.

This collaboration agreement seeks to strengthen Hub APTA programs by linking to companies and supporting BancoEstado in the development of its support programs for startups, which range from capacity development, including actions to raise challenges, innovation management, corporate venturing, among others; in addition to generating value propositions for large companies.

Pablo Uribe Tapia, New Business Development Manager at BancoEstado, highlights the importance of this agreement as a significant boost for Startups, highlighting the joint work between the New Business Development Management and the General Credit Management. “This effort translates into a new financing instrument for startups and the creation of an innovative ecosystem. This ecosystem seeks to foster creativity and collaborative resolution of challenges, promoting collaboration between companies, entrepreneurs and public organizations, with the aim of continuing to grow and supporting entrepreneurial development. This approach also aims to strengthen the value offer to clients, especially in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation.”

For her part, Varinka Farren, executive director of Hub APTA, celebrated the alliance by pointing out: “this step helps us democratize access to this type of financial support for our portfolio of startups, so that they find the necessary support to develop and materialize their business ideas with a view to the national and international market.”

Pablo Uribe Tapia added that: “As a bank, it is important for us to offer new services and support to our companies nationwide, not only in financial products but also with respect to new opportunities that they can take. In this sense, APTA’s role is relevant for the financial evaluation of EBCTs – Startups with a scientific and technological base – whether to obtain bank accounts, access financing or other non-financial services, since it allows us to better understand and evaluate the technological asset of the company.”

Historically, BancoEstado has been linked to open innovation and the development of challenges with startups, focusing on the opportunities for these same companies that seek to participate in calls for challenges with innovative solutions and Fintech focuses, in addition to technologies designed for this segment, an aspect that they expect to promote through this alliance with Hub APTA.

Finally, thanks to the new agreement signed, the link to business development centers will be evaluated to see options for presenting a joint proposal with a focus on professional institutes and technical-professional training centers (IP/CFT), a segment recently linked to SMEs. Additionally, BancoEstado commits to its active participation in the APTA Builder call and in others of the profile, which seek to promote entrepreneurship in various sectors of the industry.

For its part, Hub APTA proposes the development of innovation, entrepreneurship and technology transfer skills in SMEs and companies, as well as in the BancoEstado teams that serve this segment and those that evaluate technology companies for products.

About APTA Hub

HUB APTA is a private law corporation made up of more than 25 universities that was born as a public policy strategy based on increasing national capabilities in technology transfer, entrepreneurship and innovation. Its purpose is to manage new business opportunities based on science, identifying the potential of the R&D capabilities of its partners (Higher Education Institutions and National Research Centers) to connect them with global markets.

About BancoEstado

BancoEstado is an autonomous company of the State, whose mission is to support the people and companies of the country with the purpose of promoting the development of national economic activities, being a public policy tool that supports Chile on its path towards comprehensive development. and for which it has a wide range of products and services that promote social integration and financial inclusion through the strengthening of banking services.


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